Difference between IBM WCS V8 and HCL commerce V9

IBM WebSphere Commerce (WCS) V8 and HCL Commerce V9 are both e-commerce platforms that are used for building and managing online stores and applications.

However, there are some key differences between the two versions, as HCL Commerce V9 represents a major update to the platform that includes a range of new features and enhancements.

Here are some of the main differences between the two i.e. V8 and V9:

  1. Ownership and support: IBM WebSphere Commerce V8 was owned and supported by IBM, while HCL Commerce V9 is now owned and supported by HCL Technologies.
  2. Cloud support: HCL Commerce V9 provides more robust support for cloud-based deployments, with new deployment options for Kubernetes and Docker.
  3. REST APIs: HCL Commerce V9 includes a more comprehensive set of REST APIs that enable developers to create custom applications and integrations with other systems.
  4. Search functionality: HCL Commerce V9 includes an upgraded search engine that provides faster and more accurate search results, as well as new capabilities for personalization and recommendation.
  5. Storefront architecture: HCL Commerce V9 features a new storefront architecture that is designed to improve performance and scalability, as well as provide a more flexible framework for customization.
  6. Developer experience: HCL Commerce V9 includes a range of updates to the development environment, including improved tooling and documentation, as well as support for modern development frameworks and technologies.

Overall, HCL Commerce V9 represents a significant upgrade to the WCS V8 platform, with new capabilities and enhancements that provide greater flexibility, scalability, and performance.

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