Burger King An Unauthorized Commercial, And It’s Probably Better Than All Legit Burger King Commercials

Burger King is notoriously good when it comes to advertising and social media stunts.

But This time, the commercial doesn’t come from Burger King itself, but from the film director Daniel Kontur. Danial Found the script from an unauthorized commercial written by Dan Sorgen on the website Specbank.com and after that Kontur came up with the short commercial to show what “I’m capable of as a film director.” And people were lovin’ it.

Dan posted the video on Reddit, the r/funny subreddit went mad with people claiming it’s the best thing they’ve seen so far.

More info: DanielKontur.com

This unauthorized Burger King commercial filmed by Daniel Kontur has been going viral

mage credits: Daniel Kontur

And people couldn’t stop praising the ad

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